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ElsMed Ltd./ Relaxation Inc
ElsMed Ltd./ Relaxation Inc Israel Holon, 6 hamachtesh street Phone: +97235584839 View Company Profile

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ElsMed Ltd is a worldwide medical equipment supplier with its extensive experience and knowledge for high quality, fully refurbished diagnostic imaging medical equipment at an affordable prices.

In addition to systems we are supplying all spare parts and x-ray tubes for medical diagnostic equipment by Philips, Elscint, Picker & Siemens with worldwide shipping. We continue to provide the fastest delivery services with overnight delivery no matter the destination.
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Featured Products

Mx8000 Quad 4 slice CT System
Mx8000 Quad 4 slice CT System
(Mx8000 - Philips)
MRC 800 X RAY Tube
MRC 800 X RAY Tube
(MRC 800 x ray tube for Brilliance 40/64 CT)
Philips 16 slice CT system
Philips 16 slice CT system
(Brilliance/IDT 16 slice)


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